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New Tamashii Rings collection 2018

New Tamashii Rings collection 2018

Tamashii Rings collection 2018 is in Silver 925‰ and natural colorful stones. It inspired by headgears of one of the oldest tibetan monastic orders.
Rings engraved with “Om Mani Padme Hūm”, mantra related to the Buddha of compassion Chenrezig, among of the most known and widespread mantra in buddhism.


Lamaism is divided into different schools in Tibet.
Among the more characteristics and old is that of the rNin ma pa, "the ancients", the second school.
Their monks wear different hats, each of which identifies the hierarchical and spiritual role within the same school in which the utmost importance is given to education in mystical experiences.


The new Tamashii 2018 Rings collection is divided in 3 categories:

DVAGS ZVA: hat worn by Gampopa, one of the main guru of the Kagyu tibetan buddhist school that, according to the legend, took shape from a pair of shoes given to him  from Mi la ras pa (Milarepa), to which he was strongly devoted.

PAN ZVA: hat worn by Pandita abbots, "the erudites”.

RIG ZVA (Rig Adsin Spyi Zva): hat worn by students who have passed the exam of Sgrub Grva, that's reserved to the Grub Bla Ma and to the abbots (Gdan sa).

Don't wait! You need something really special to celebrate the new season!

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