Tamashii Mudra Blue Sky Agate - Short

Code: NHS1600-53

Original Necklace Short Tamashii Mudra - Blue Sky Agate

€ 50.00

Agate in nature is present in different colorations. The blue can be more or less intense, giving origin to many tonalities from deep blue (ocean) to the light blue (sky).
Light blue for the tibetan culture is the most important color because it represents purity, wisdom and peace.
In the blue sky variant is even more stronger the purity concept.

Original Necklace Short Tamashii Mudra made with natural stones BLUE SKY AGATE. 54 beads with Vajra (lightning) e Ghanta (bell).
Lenght necklace 45cm ca.

Each necklace comes with its original packaging and the guarantee certificate.

TAMASHII is a brand of:
Aria Preziosa srl
Via Dell'Oreficeria 30L
36100 Vicenza
Tel +39 0444 1453306
VAT 03258490246
Co. Register no. VI-311002

Tamashii is a product made in Middle East (Himalaya area) according to ancient traditions, using supervised products, techniques and processes by Aria Preziosa.
Tamashii brand is owned by Aria Preziosa srl.

All Tamashii Jewels are handcrafted with natural stones and materials in compliance with rules related to the protection of people (Italian Decree 206-6/9/2005).
All the metals we use have a nickel content complying with the rule EN 1811:2011.

To view the legal guarantee in its entirety, please visit the specific web page.

Each Tamashii product is made to last over time if all the basic use and maintenance suggestions are followed.

All the materials have natural origins, so their lifetime and characteristics are variable and unpredictable. Chemicals can modify and affect their appearance and durability, meaning that over time they can produce variations of the colours and polishes.

Some stones are naturally matte and we apply polish on them through a mechanical treatment. In the long term they can go back to their original aspect.

We recommend:
• avoid contact with make-up, creams, perfumes and chemicals
• don’t expose the products to chlorine, soaps or salt water
not to wear Tamashii jewels while taking a bath or shower, in the swimming pool or during housecleaning